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Akshell Crack License Code & Keygen Free PC/Windows Latest

The Akshell development environment allows you to build web applications from your preferred browser. This command-line application is designed to facilitate the access to the IDE.
Launching Akshell from console you can login to the server and save the credentials, get application code from server or put the code there. You can also evaluate an expression or logout from the server and remove stored credentials.









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It consists of three main items:

The CLI (Command Line Interface) Akshell can be launched from the console (command line)
The IDE (Integrated Development Environment) The IDE shows a CSS and Javascript viewer that can display either a local or remote file.
The Server Interpreter (Compile & Debug) Server interpreter allows to browse, compile and debug code, run server side unit tests from the command line and trace the state of the application with the statelist.

The IDE uses a simplified format to code expressions such as variables, conditionals, loops and functions.

Akshell is available on Github under GPL-3.0 license. You can fork the repository or report bugs. Pull requests are welcome as well.



To use Akshell’s CLI and IDE functionalities you need:

NodeJS 6+

Chromium 61+

Akshell CLI

To work you need a decent machine with space/memory to run the full IDE and Server interpreter. You can choose to use a local Windows/Linux/Mac machine or AWS’ EC2.

To test the IDE or run the Server interpreter, you need to have node modules installed. For NodeJS v6 you can use NVM.

NodeJS’s Cryptography module is necessary to deploy the files and sign the credentials.

NodeJS’s Express module is needed for the endpoint API serving files.

NodeJS’s babel-cli for compiling the code to PAST (simple es6 format).


Option 1: Publish npm packages

Option 2: Use -LocalInstallation and install server on your local machine.

If you installed NodeJS 6+ you can use nvm to use the newest NodeJS version.

To install the required modules, run:

sudo nvm install 6 && npm install -g akshell

To access the server interpreter, run:

sudo akshell

Option 1

Option 2

Launch Akshell CLI and IDE

Akshell installs npm dependencies by default, you can run the command to launch Akshell and IDE from the console:

akshell -serverInterpreter

If you use NodeJS 6+ you can use nvm to choose the version to use. You can run this command to get akshell installed with the latest NodeJS version:

Akshell Crack + PC/Windows

You can get Akshell documentation from here:

You can download the source codes from here:

Jira Plugin for Akshell:
Akshell has the ability to create Jira issues with it. All the updates and changes are directly pushed to Jira. In addition, all the emails generated are also pushed to Jira. You can access the Akshell Jira plugin from


Right through there

For Akselon Plugin Documentation

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Advantage of Akshell IDE

Akshell is self contained, no downloading other files or applications are required

You can switch the foreground and background colors easily

It has a very small footprint

It will help you to start your IDE development sessions directly from your command line

Don’t want to start up Visual Studio or Eclipse every time?
Now you can start all your IDE projects directly from your command line!

Akshell is easy to integrate into your existing command line infrastructure.

Now you can access your IDE from any PC.

Akshell is ideal for debugging projects directly from the command-line or on another PC.

You’ll be able to use any WSL prompt rather than having to use Windows or Linux prompts exclusively

Redirection Input from stdin/stdout, and stderr

Project definition files (Assembly and projects are located in their own folders so that akshell doesn’t mess up with your project folder)

Definition of websites

Define the project folders

Definition of libraries

Define the project folders

Clean project

Delete the folders

Get code from project folders

Get the code from the server

Edit the code in the IDE

Edit the code in your IDE

Debug your code in IDE

Run your code in IDE

Change the output directory

Load and save the project file definition

Load the code from the server

Save the code on the server

The main advantages of akshell:

Very light: No installation and the executable file has only 20K

Integrated with WSL: You can use the same terminal and immediately perform new development, or run in background and debug on another PC

Very small: 2.2 MB only

Using Akshell IDE in your PC

Start Akshell

You can click on the Windows Start button and Akshell will run as a service.
You can use the Run command from the Windows Start menu or from the command line.

Access your Akshell IDE from the command line

You can use the Run command from the command line and type ‘akshell’ to access your application.

Run your code from the command line

You can use the Run command from the command line and type ‘akshell’.
Akshell can open the Project folder and get the code for all the

What’s New In Akshell?

Akshell is a command-line web-based IDE, which can be deployed for multiple platforms (Windows and Linux) using the appropriate software packages (IIS, Apache Tomcat, etc.). You can connect to it using any modern browser, run PHP, Java, etc. projects and use any dev-tools you are familiar with.
Every project is stored in a local repository, it supports its version control, including Git and Mercurial, has a built-in FTP and HTTP server, and contains all the information necessary for storing, retrieving and displaying the code. Akshell has a built-in API which allows you to invoke a specified action as a result of the project execution.
Akshell Features:

Web based development environment which allows you to access it through any modern browser.
Akshell provides a powerful API for application configuration (it allows to execute any Python program for configuration).
You can save the credentials (SSH, HTTP or other) using the built-in web server, directly via the browser or via API
You can access the source code and make changes directly on the file system.
The code is stored in a local repository and supports its version control.
Akshell is capable of executing PHP, Java, Perl, Python, C#, JavaScript and has an integrated web server.
Akshell has a built-in API.
You can store credentials into Akshell in different ways: by a browser, by API or via command line.
The IDE can be installed on the server as a package. This way it can be used on any server with the appropriate software.
Akshell is easily portable from Linux to Windows.
Akshell can be used for other projects. To view the list of projects you can type “akshell projects”.
Akshell can be easily integrated with other tools, with which you can make more complex projects.
Akshell can be set as the default tool for a given project directory.

Akshell Documentation:
You can find Akshell documentation in the Akshell wiki. Documentation is available in the form of web pages on Akshell Wiki, Akshell GitHub repository and Akshell Sourceforge projects.

Akshell Features:

Web based development environment which allows you to access it through any modern browser.
Akshell provides a powerful API for application configuration (it allows to execute any Python program for configuration).
You can save the


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom II X2 or AMD Ryzen
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX or ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive Space: 25 GB available hard drive space
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