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REPACK Elden Ring: Deluxe Edition keygen only [v 1.02 + DLC] Download 👉




Elden Ring Crack For Windows is a fantasy action RPG game developed by Phoenix Winters that was published by XSEED Games. This game was released in Japan on November 30, 2012, and in North America on May 14, 2013.

On September 18, 2013, Season Pass was made available which included additional content such as new content and items. On September 30, 2013, a limited edition physical version was released. On January 29, 2015, the season pass was made available for free.

ABOUT Phoenix Winters

Phoenix Winters was established in 2003 and has primarily produced Japanese games, including games such as Tales of Berseria and Working on a Fantasy RPG with the help of fan feedback.


– Game Disc

– User’s Manual

– Voice Dialogues

– Season Pass

– Volume 1: The Journey Begins

– Volume 2: The Fate Opens

– Volume 3: The Call of the Unknown

– Volume 4: The Trial Rises

– Volume 5: The Betrayal Feels

– Volume 6: The Day of the Striking Red

– Volume 7: The Destruction of the Garden

* How to connect to the server automatically:

On the day of the release, November 30, 2012, XSEED Games will play the game on a server in Tokyo and the time of the server play will be preset to match the release time in Japan. Please wait a short while from the time of the automatic connection.

Some of the features of the game.

The field in which the game is being played.

The main character of the story, who lives a free life in the village.

A Guild

The people who hope to destroy the village with this one man.

The Female Disciple

The woman who sleeps with this man in secret.

One of his apprentices

His apprentice who was raised in the Elden Ring Torrent Download Academy.

Press Contacts


Elle Fisher, Project Manager

Jami Lee, PR Representative

Sara, PR representative

Marie, PR representative

Elle Fisher, Project Manager

I am the Project Manager of the Elden Ring Torrent Download game. I have the role of helping the production team while publishing the game. I am also responsible for the maintenance of data, as


Features Key:

  • Features:
    If you are looking for a new fantasy RPG that revolves around the powers of the Elden Ring and action combined with strategy, then this is the perfect game for you. 

    • Muscle Strength Increase
      Increase your strength and become a more dangerous opponent. 

      • Mystics
        Combat effectiveness decreases if you lack a certain one. Consumables are required. 

        • Equipment
          Equip a variety of different types of weapons and armor. 

          • Tales of The Elden Ring
            Discuss the history of the Elden Ring and its powers with other people.
  • Scale
    Large size and world map. A large, detailed world that you can easily walk around. 

    • Different Combat Styles
      Match the combat style that fits best with your play style. 

      • Contents
        Various items: 

        • Armor
          The bones that serve as the backbone of Algiers’ armor. The more bones can be mounted to the armor, the greater the defense is. 

          • Sword
            A special sword with the power to control the elements of winds. 

            • It requires soul stones.
    • Images

      Beautiful backdrop of the Lands Between. 

      • High resolution graphics. Such as elements of the landscape and models of monsters and NPCs, look crisp and realistic. 
        • Battle
          The following scenes can be viewed at various animation stages: footsteps of enemies; charge; stance; attack; recovery; reactions of enemies to attack


          Elden Ring Download

          • “The best RPG on the AppStore” – Gamezebo

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          • “RPG fans, here is your next RPG.” – Apphappens

          • “A streamlined RPG that feels extremely gratifying to play” – Destructoid

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          • “A great new game in a fantastic genre” – Toucharcade

          Game Features

          ◆ An amazing action RPG full of combat, magic, and fun!

          Rise and become the leader of the Elden Ring: a legendary organization that seeks to return to the world of the past.

          Strong characters, a deep story, and gorgeous world that provides a fresh experience.

          ◆ Explore a large, open world and defend your home at the same time.

          Go on an epic journey to challenge the mysterious enemy from the past in an engrossing adventure.

          Explore an overworld that is full of excitement!

          ◆ Play with friends online and build a guild.

          Do battle with NPCs and other players. Make the most of your party members and your guild!

          Gather a group of heroes, build up a guild, and become the leader of the Elden Ring.

          ◆ Experience an immersive story full of suspense and mystery.

          The story of the Elden Ring unfolds in many fragments through a multilayered, ever-changing narrative.

          An epic adventure that touches on various truths and intrigues you.

          ◆ Quest for the Tarnished Emblem and acquire a new RPG style.

          You can customize your appearance, equip weapons, and make useful items with the materials you collect.

          Raise your skills, power up your weapons, and assign your characters to a new party.

          The battle system has been revised and is more than ever!

          ◆ The dynamic battle system that allows you to enjoy a deeper RPG experience.

          Battle with a wide range of enemies, and choose the best defense and attack strategy.

          ◆ Destroy a large variety of enemies and obtain a large amount of treasure.

          Mock the enemies with endless hordes of


          Elden Ring Free [Win/Mac]

          When you adventure on your own or in coop mode, the gameplay center is your allies, and the screen is surrounded by waves of enemies. There will be many times in which you and your allies will fight at the same time, so the synchronization between you and your allies is vital. At the same time, a battle with only your main character is fun as well. Therefore, in the game, you can choose as you like, enjoy fighting using the best style, and enjoy the story as you like.

          The Land of Youth

          A land on the border of the Lands Between which connects the world of the living to the world of the dead. Iosia, a small village which is the source of all the elven race, is located in this land. The elves are descendants of the race of the elves which had once ruled the world before turning to the god of death and became gods. As a result of the curse from the god of death, they were separated from the world and had to live on the border of the world of the living and the world of the dead.
          As long as the elves are able to continue to live, the god of death and the elves continued to stand by one another. However, that was not the case and the elves began to suffer life and death repeatedly because of the curse of the god of death. The ancient elves who had already fallen to the gods through their deaths in the world of the living became undead, and the elves whose lives were saved from that time by the elves which live in the world of the living became a new breed. With the elves, the new land of the dead was born.

          Until now, Iosia has been a land without a new Lord. The elves who survived the curse had been thinking, waiting for a day when a new Lord would come and lead them to their destiny. In that time, the elves had hidden all their knowledge about the world of the living, and they have been keeping watch over the world of the living. However, the elves who stayed in Iosia had no experience or knowledge about the world of the living, and they could not understand the secrets of the people of the world of the living. They also had no way to understand whether the gods of death had been rejected or the people who saved the lives of the elves in the world of the living had turned into gods.

          Protected by the gods of death, Elves had been hiding in Ios


          What’s new:

          Since the launch of Granblue Fantasy we received a lot of feedback and requests from players and we want to show our gratitude for that. In recent development we have added a feature called Book Save that allows you to save your progress in the game. With this, you’ll be able to resume play from where you left off. Like our previous strategy game Black Mage, we want to continue to have the convenience of saving our games on the go.

          Another feature of the game that we’ve been receiving attention for is the upcoming FATE system. Using a new system called RAGE, you’ll have the opportunity to attack the enemy by setting a Direct Action in addition to avoiding the enemy, all with a simple UI. While set-ups can differ depending on the weapon and magic that you use, for regular use it will allow you to immediately issue orders through barks, so that you can issue a variety of attacks all at once. The Direct Action will also be versatile, so even while waiting you’ll be able to attack the enemy directly.

          In addition to this, we are implementing the battle psychology feature that allows you to build up and give attacks to your group members. In exchange, when your character takes damage during battle, you’ll be able to increase the damage they take.


          Free Download Elden Ring Crack


          1. Unrar.
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          How to Cracked ELDEN RING game? By ELDEN GAMING TEAM.

          How to crack ELDEN RING game? Cracked with “Crack tools”.

          How to crack ELDEN RING game? Cracked with “Crack tools”.

          How to crack ELDEN RING game? Cracked with “Crack tools”.

          How to crack ELDEN RING game? Cracked with “Crack tools”.


          How To Crack:

        • Download this game from official link.
        • Unzip the archive
        • Copy Crack to install directory and overwrite
        • Both crack.dll and.exe are in install directory
        • Run the game. It takes some time depending on version and your hardware
        • Enjoy!

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        System Requirements:

        The computer must have 1 gigabyte of RAM or higher.
        As a minimum, 1.6GHz processor.
        It’s also possible to run the game on a Pentium III (700 MHz or higher) with 256MB RAM.
        You may also run the game on a Pentium IV (1.6GHz or higher) with 512MB RAM.
        A GeForce 256/GeForce Go 7400 (256MB) or better graphics card is recommended.
        Additional hardware may be needed for features such as mouse-look and better graphics


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