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Do you have an abundant amount of writings of religious importance and value that are jumbled together in a pile? Is your room full of spiritual books with passages and commands that you want to keep together, but don’t know how to organize them? It could be that you want to help your young children learn their lessons in your religion, or you know that you would like to make use of your religion in your daily life. For these reasons, it can be beneficial to establish a folder where your religion books will be stored in. If you want to get organized, the method that we recommend to follow is to create a folder for each subject. Here are the most common subjects and how you can organize them:

Christian Religion Books

1. Bible

2. Commentaries

3. Hymn Book

4. Prayerbook

5. System of Beliefs

6. Yearbook

7. Other Books


Just like any other personal library, you could create a folder to store all of the books about your religion in. The most common things you will want to organize within your Bible folder are:

1. Books written by someone else

2. Books about Bible about God and how He works

3. Books about Bible about Christ

4. Books on spiritual topics


Commentaries are books that have historical or theological value related to the Bible. Because they are not written by someone else, you will want to give them their own folder. In the folder, you will want to store the commentary itself along with the Bible book that it is commenting on. To organize this, you could have the following sub-folders:

1. General Books

2. Books Written by an Author

Hymn Book

Hymn books contain the lyrics to songs that are used to worship God. It is very useful to keep these together because they will give you the ability to sing along with the words that are in your religion. If you organize the books of this genre in a folder, you will notice that they have the same name as the hymn book. You will also need to create a category for the genre of books:

General Books

Books about Hymns

Prayer Book

A prayer book is an important part of a religion. A prayer book will have a set of prayers that are intended to help the reader ask for things from